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for the bay area native and ambassador christopher stevens, the first ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years. we have live team coverage on the attack. we'll also hear from stevens' family and friends. and more why google won't remove the controversial video being blamed for the uprising. first, details on what's happening now. >> what happened last night was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the president tonight in an interview with telemundo, promised a full investigation. tonight, the pentagon is sending two u.s. warships to the libyan coast. and dozens of marines to the region. so far, no word on specific orders. the u.s. consulate building was burned and riddled with bullets. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new ambassador.
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>> reporter: stevens and three others were killed. four flag-draped coffins followed an emotional scene. cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley, where the spirit of chris stevens is shining brightly tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: it is, indeed. it was a somber evening here in berkeley tonight. the candlelight vigil started with a moment of silence, for a man they call their brother. these members of the alpha tau omega fraternity didn't know christopher stevens. but he was their brother. that's why they held a candlelight vigil to honor him tonight. >> we share the same ideals. so, we know that we need to do something for him and his family. >> reporter: the ambassador graduated from u.c. berkeley in
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1982 and was a member of this fraternity. in their eyes, he is a hero. >> we bow to our brother for the service in his life. >> reporter: stevens went on to study law at u.c. hastings in san francisco. as a young adult, he joined the peace corps. and taught english to children in a small moroccan town. even back then, he had dreams of becoming a diplomat. his uncle told us by phone that stevens was brilliant. >> he got this job strictly because of the quality of his work. and a lot of ambassadorships are handed out like a deck of cards. this was not the case. >> i'm excited to return to libya to continue the great work we started. >> reporter: this video on youtube, shows stevens at work. steven browning, a state recruiter says he was one of the few to see him before he left for libya. browning said he was eager to
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get out of washington and get to work. >> it's a big responsibility when the president and the secretary of state send you to a country. and the highest priority they give you is the safety and security of american citizens in that country. >> reporter: stevens' father and stepmother live in the auburn area. they are in london and in touch with the state department. his mother and stepfather live in the oakland hills. they were not available for comment. >> thank you, cheryl. in cairo, demonstrators clashed with police near the u.s. embassy. demonstrators throwing rocks. an even bigger worry than the violence in libya, is what the egyptian government is now demanding. >> calling on the united states to condemn americans who have engaged in critical speech towards muslims or hateful
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speech. and it reflects very deep, widespread unrest and skepticism. and even hostility towards the united states. >> the gruber institute adds that -- google for its part will not remove the youtube video linked to the attack and the protests. but the company says it will block people from viewing the 14-minute clip in india and egypt, where it is incendiary. >> reporter: that's right. you know, the film is called "innocence of muslims." the film depicts the prophet mohammed as a fraud. google says the video will remain online because it is within the guidelines. it's a video nbc has chosen not to show.
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this is the executive director of the council for islamic-american relations. >> it's not the censorship. and as advocates, we believe this video should be left up. but also the right of people to protest, to speak out against it. >> reporter: this tech analyst believes that to take it off of youtube, it would encourage more violent behavior. >> once you allow violence to dictate your behavior, people will manipulate you through violence. >> reporter: google says the video is clearly within the youtube guidelines. but they took it down in egypt and libya. the tech giant says in a statement, we work hard to create a community everyone can enjoy. which also enables people to express different opinions. this is a challenge because
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what's okay in one country be offensive elsewhere. this is the latest example of social media influence in global and middle east relations. last year, one used social media to encourage the arab spring to build momentum to overthrow egypt's president. >> it speaks to insult the prophet mohammed. no matter how offensive, the result should never be violence. >> the youtube profile is not known if he's the one behind it all. atlantic magazine talked to steve klein who described himself as a consultant for the film. he said he didn't know if sam
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exists. >> we have the story on nbcbayarea.c new at 11:00, a case that's quickly going cold. but she won't give up. a berkeley woman who witnessed her fiance's murder is fighting for justice. the deadly shooting happened two years ago tonight. jean elle joins us from berkeley with more on this investigation and the woman involved. jean? >> reporter: amber nelson is a constant presence here on the corner of adeline and emerson. she is hoping the constant reminders will encourage someone to give berkeley police the information they need to make an arrest. >> i do this every day. something like this. this one is special. >> reporter: amber nelson has
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laid flowers on a painting she created, at a spot where a gunman killed her fiance, celedon, two years ago. >> my fiance was the most amazing thing. >> reporter: the pair was walking home from celebrating celedon's 30th birthday. it's the day of his birth and his death. >> it's painful, especially on days like today. nelson planted a garden here. what started as a patch of dirt is now blooming. a reminder of his love of life. >> his inspiration to live and make life beautiful and enjoy it. >> reporter: the garden is growing. but berkeley police investigators say leads in the case are not. celedon was from chile. the consulate in san francisco is working with police to
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develop tips. a $2,000 reward is now $20,000. and nelson is speaking out in english and spanish. hoping her very public grief will convince someone to talk about the gunman. >> it is frustrating because every moment that passes is one that we can't put that chapter behind us yet. >> reporter: nelson cannot rest until there is justice for fido. now, berkeley p.d. says the suspects two years ago took off in a dark-colored suv. police tell me tonight, the smallest detail could provide the break they need to make an arrest in this case. the man accused of slamming his pickup truck into a family of four is out of jail tonight. police arrested him on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter last
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weekend. the mother, and his pregnant wife was killed. the daughter-in-law remains in critical condition. they say they're continuing to investigate the crash, including whether drugs or alcohol were a factor. they will submit their case at a later date. thousands of people in law enforcement officers from across the country are expected to gather in vacaville to pay their final respects to a chp officer in the line of duty. the service for kenyon youngstrom will take place in the morning. youngstrom was shot during that traffic stop on 680 last tuesday. he was taken off of life support the next day. the shooter shot youngstrom after just a ten-second
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conversation with the officer. he was a software engineer at a firm called mind source in sunnyvale. he had been on the job for seven days before that happened. neighbors say he was commuting 200 miles each way to that job. raising the bar on the smartphone. apple unveils the iphone 5. scott budman shows us the bells and whistles and how much it will cost you. then, a proposed soda tax in one bay area city. it's making national news. speaking of money. an amazing video of a car chase that led to a mob scene. thursday is set to sizzle. and with that said, air quality is going to be decreasing in the east bay. and speaking of which, look at this. temperatures will be in the low 80ed. we'll let you know who will be the hottest. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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i just got my other iphone. the iphone 5. >> say hello. thinner, lighter with a larger screen. but does it live up to all of the hype. scott budman gives us a peek. >> you know, we did get a chance to play with the new iphone 5 today. it feels a little different from previous phones. it does a few different things. but it doesn't take all that much to get the apple faithful excited. so, the bet here is we just saw the next big silicon valley hit. with foo fighters, a band that knows something about touring around the world, providing the
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soundtrack. >> and this is iphone 5. >> reporter: apple, the world's most valuable company, took the wraps off its newest iphone, the 5. >> one thing that struck me when i held it, it almost felt like a piece of fine jewelry. >> reporter: adding an extra half-inch to the screen. with an eight-megapixel camera. >> behind the scenes in real tv time, while you're panning, it's taking slices of photos, creating seamless transitions between those photos for one, beautiful panorama. >> reporter: the 5 is a faster phone, with a more powerful chip inside to give appmakers better graphics to create with. >> here's an album from bruce springsteen. >> reporter: apple also upgrading its itunes software and ipod hardware, making for a very lucrative holiday season.
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>> the individuals who had the 3g and the 4 phone, not the 4s, but the 4, have contracts just coming up. and those will all be wanting to update. >> reporter: a new phone and new tunes. to take a bow all over the world. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> the gadgets might seem pretty great. what does it cost? 199 bucks up to $399. purchasing a two-year contract with at&t, sprint or verizon. what happens to the 4s model? the 4s will drop to under 100 bucks. the new iphone hits shelves october 1st. there's the new iphone 6 is what they're buzzing about. click on the story to talk about what apple will do the next
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calendar year. no soda for you unless you pay. a battle is bubbling up over richmond on a proposed tax on sodas and other sugary drinks. no surprise, the beverage industry is pulling lots of fun to defeat the measure. where the money would end up if the proposal becomes law. in the eyes of richmond councilman, jeff ritman, this soda is one of the biggest contributors to childhood obesity. >> this is liquid sugar. this is the worst. >> reporter: that's why he proposed measure m. >> one-third of our african-american and latino fifth and seventh graders were obese. >> reporter: the city will charge richmond businesses a penny for every ounce of sugary drinks they sell. an estimated $3 million a year. >> every penny of the proceeds
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from measure m would go unrestricted into the city's general fund. >> reporter: that's chuck finny, the no on the campaign spokesman. this is a city ordnance proposal. and it says it will go in the general fund and will be available for any purpose. t the councilman said there's a reason he didn't allocate the money. >> we don't want a small minority to derail this. >> reporter: richmond people have faith the politicians will go the right thing. >> i think the money, if used right, can do so much good in the city of richmond. >> reporter: and others, the women at this salon aren't so sure. >> i don't think one city should be singled out. >> that doesn't make sense to me.
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>> educating the community on the dangers of sugary beverages is better than taxing people. >> reporter: the city coalition is doing what it can to defeat the measure, including donating hundreds of thousands of dollars. and more could be spent. >> it's probably the majority of what we're going to spend. but i can't say that for sure. >> reporter: the american beverage association, which includes coke, pepsi and dr. pepper, bankrolled this initiative. and we looked at their campaign spending report filed with the state. here's what we found. nearly $60,000 spent on billboards, which are plastered all over the city. more than $140,000 spent on political consultants. >> the community calls for beverage taxes. >> reporter: and more than $130,000 on polling and survey research. >> they're telling people a formula. and they're going to be taxed,
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which is not true. my interpretation is they're frightened we're going to win. >> they have acknowledged that the added sugar are covered. it's juices, sports drinks, it's flavored milks. >> reporter: one thing is certain. the obesity is a nationwide epidemic, cities around the country are watching richmond to see what happened in this election. we'll keep you posted on that. we put all of the campaign documents on our website, as well as information about childhood obesity from the cdc at let's bring in jeff raineri as we wake up to a thursday morning. >> the east bay is one exception. all of this hot air is keeping them pretty mild. 67 in livermore. you can see the temperatures across the coastline with widespread 50s.
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let's take you to the sky camera network. we're dealing with fog. you will notice something interesting here. the top half of the transamerica building is visible. that's because that fog is getting compressed and pushed to the surface, which is going to push out tomorrow. the bay bridge approach, not too much fog here right now. high pressure moving in from the south. but what's going to make this different from the heat we've had is not only a drier wind with us. but also so much hot air aloft that we're going to need a small slice of it to get temperatures to warm up as we head throughout thursday and friday. we could get warmer at the coastline. but we will get a mix of a few 70s. sunny skies throughout the santa cruz mountains and the bay. we'll have 80s and plenty of 90s in the east and in the south bay. for thursday, temperatures on the rise. it's going to stay hot even into
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friday. if you suffer from allergies like i do, this is not good news. over the next 48 hours, all this up and down temperature trends will keep it moderate to also high. for the morning forecast, we'll start with upper 40s and low 50s in the north bay. 57 in san jose. and 58 in livermore. for the south bay, we'll see daytime highs top out warm. but not hot. the hottest weather back in the east bay. 68 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, temperatures in the low to mid-90s, thursday, friday and saturday. and when we head in the upcoming weekend, we'll get temperatures dropping by sunday. 5:00 at night, we'll get a little fog rolling in. temperatures will drop monday, tuesday and wednesday. and by wednesday, i have showers with a question mark.
11:22 pm
right now, we have a little bit of moisture that's going to build offshore. it could be our first indication of the fall pattern switching and maybe a few showers. that will be good news for allergy suffererers for sure. >> we love the fall temperatures. what a construction worker dug up in san francisco. 11,000 years old.
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a suspected bank robber dropped wads of cash out of his car. tonight, police are looking at the chopper video very closely to identify people who dodged the cop cars to grab the crash. they have plenty of photos to help find them who got the illegal loot. they're recommending that whoever got the cash to turn it in or they could spend a year in
11:25 pm
jail. >> go to the local police department and say here's the cash. the best story in baseball might just be the oakland a's. henry joins us next. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats
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welcome back to nbc bay area. green and gold are feeling extremely confident right now. the oakland a's have the second-best record in the american league. and tonight, they were trying to tie a franchise record in oakland, by earning their 12th-consecutive road victory. could they do it against the angels? top of the sixth. a's up 1-0. how about his 18th homer of the year. 2-0 a's. he's homered in back-to-back games. coco crisp, full count. two out. rbi single. derek norris will make it 4-0. and torii hunter would step to the plate in the bottom the
11:28 pm
eighth. a.j. griffin says not today. eight shutout innings, no walks, six ks. a's win 4-1. >> we just try to go out there and pound the zone. and just try to get ahead of guys and get them in uncomfortable counts and try to put them away. we've been playing really good baseball. going out there and playing all 9 innings, all 27 outs. doing our best and not giving up. it's just the solid baseball we've been playing. and we're just trying to keep it up. >> great job by griffin. over to the giants and rockies. giants up 3-0 in the first. brandon crawford gets a lot on this. doubles to right. arias scores. play at the plate. hector sanchez flies in safely, 5-0. he takes a knee to the chest. he would remain in the game. tim lincecum on the hill. jonathan herrera, swinging. tyler colvin, have a seat, young man. dexter fowler.
11:29 pm
lincecum, six innings, three earned runs and eight ks. giants win 8-3. they're seven games up on the dodgers. that will do it for sports. raj and jessica, baseball is here. playoffs right around the corner. >> giants and a's are right now playoff teams. >> that's great. >> we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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[ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you.
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how old are your teeth? how about 11,000 years old? a discovery in san francisco this week of mammoth proportions, as in a woolley mammoth. the soothe was found 110 feet below the construction surface by a crane operator. the nearly two-foot-long tooth was intact and well-preserved. it will be donated to the academy of sciences and put on display. >> wonder what the tooth fairy
11:32 pm
brings for that. >> with compounded interest. >> a quick morning forecast for us? temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start. definitely heating up but not too hot. >> thank you, jeff. have a great evening and a great day tomorrow. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ fingers tapping ]
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take a step forward and chase what matters. >> jay: hey, ryan. thanks for coming, man, and congratulations on the five medals. that's unbelievable. >> thanks, jay. this is my first late night talk show, and i'm super excited. i even got a new suit. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- gold medal-winni

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